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Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron

Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron

A unit of United States Power Squadrons® District 9
Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron History

USPS and AASPS History

The United States Power Squadrons

Organized in 1914 by Roger Upton of the Boston Yacht Club, USPS® is the world’s largest private boating organization. It is a non-profit, non-military and non-governmental organization of men and women who have a common appreciation for pleasure boating whether power or sail.  Boat ownership is not a requirement. The objects of the organization are self-education, civic service, and fraternal boating activities. USPS® is strictly a volunteer organization. No member on any level is paid for any Squadron service he or she performs. There are no barriers to membership on grounds of race, religion, or ethnic background.

Ann Arbor Power Squadron

Ann Arbor Power Squadron (now Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron, 2008) was founded in 1965. Local boaters, some of whom belonged to other Detroit-area Power Squadrons, felt that USPS classes should be made available in the Ann Arbor area. With that idea and belief, they petitioned USPS® for permission to form a squadron in Ann Arbor. Charter was granted by the national organization on September 12, 1965, with 31 charter members.

United States Power Squadrons® Organization

The Power Squadron national organization includes all the local squadrons and regional districts. There are more than 60,000 members in 450+ squadrons in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Japan. The Squadrons are grouped into geographic locations called districts, there being 32 mainland U.S. districts and one international or offshore district.

There are three major national meetings each year, which member are invited to attend: the combined Annual and Governing Board Meeting is held in January, the Spring Governing Board Meeting in May; and the Fall Governing Board Meeting in September.

There is a national Bridge that includes the Chief Commander and five Vice Commanders, National Executive Officer, National Educational Officer, National Administrative Officer, National Secretary, and National Treasurer. In addition, there are numerous other officers, chairmen and committees handling Squadron activities.

USPS Ensign
The USPS® ensign is flown as a signal to others that the boat is commanded by an active member of USPS®.